Nokia has paid less than 3 per cent gross royalty rate for WCDMA handsets

Nokia today confirmed that until 2007 it has paid less than 3 per cent aggregate license fees on WCDMA handset sales under all its patent license agreements. This number represents Nokia’s aggregate gross royalty payments made under all the numerous patent license agreements applicable to its WCDMA handsets. It excludes infrastructure related royalties and all royalty income collected by Nokia.

The above WCDMA handset related royalty payments made by Nokia include all WCDMA handset royalty payments made to Qualcomm.

From April 9, 2007, Nokia contractually has a fully paid up license covering Qualcomm’s early patents and thus those patents are licensed to Nokia royalty free for its handsets going forward in perpetuity. Therefore Nokia’s licensing agreements with Qualcomm for the future will focus only on the terms for Qualcomm’s newer patents.

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